Thursday, March 17, 2016

Second edition of popular edited “classic” text by EGSC Dean to Appear

Second edition of popular edited “classic” text by EGSC Dean to appear

  EGSC’s Lee Cheek, Dean of the School of Social Sciences, has edited one of the major works on American politics, John C. Calhoun’s A Disquisition on Government. Cheek’s edited book is the most widely adopted version of the text among colleges and universities in America today, and a second edition of the book will appear next month.

   According Cheek’s publisher, Bruce Fingerhut, President of St. Augustine’s Press, “this volume provides the most economical and textually accurate version of Calhoun’s Disquisition available today. As a treatise, the Disquisition is one of the greatest and most enduring works of American political thought, and a text of seminal importance to all students of American politics, history, philosophy, and law.”

   In the Disquisition, Calhoun believed he had laid a “solid foundation for political science” through revitalizing popular rule. To complete his theoretical and practical mission, Calhoun attempts to explain the best example of the diffusion of authority and cultivation of liberty: the American Constitution.

   Dr. Cheek’s introduction to the classic edition notes that “Calhoun presents a theory of politics that is both original and in accord with the mainstream of the American political tradition. More than any other thinker of his period, Calhoun sought to explain the enduring qualities of American political thought in light of the troubled world of the mid-nineteenth century.”

   For Cheek, the book seeks to reconcile the good of popular rule with political ethics, and this has special importance to many nations in the twenty-first century, despite the ethnic animosities threatening their destruction.

Originally Posted: January 22, 2016 by Katelyn Moore
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